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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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march on broadway between 19th and 20th streets. >> we see gas shooting into the air. >> reporter: oakland police said they deployed a combination of loud flash bangs and what the department described as a minimal amount of tear gas. >> it really burns, you cannot breathe. >> reporter: she said she never heard warnings from the police to disburse but her time frame matches when the police gave the unlawful assembly order. the police said they gave multiple commands to disburse and they deployed the gas on the outside of the crowd. >> i was bleeding over my eyelids. all the blood was going where i could not see anything.
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>> reporter: she said the protestors helped her. >> the police saw how i was hurt and did not do anything. >> reporter: oakland police said if they saw her injured, their priority is to help and medical stations were around the protests. the department is interested in hearing from her to know where her story fits into the video of the students. oakland said they deployed the gas after there were projectiles being thrown at them. the officers want to hear from her so they can learn how to better respond to the protests. a few minutes ago she filed a report. >> was she a ware that the
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protests had turned violent and things were being thrown at the officers. >> reporter: she didn't. she said she made her way to the front and the can she saw being thrown was behind them but it reached to them. >> thank you. protestors blocked traffic for a time in menlo park. the group was made up of students from the local high school. they were protesting the election of donald trump as president. they marched towards willow rode and bay front expressway. they blocked roads but there were no errors and everything was peaceful. >> hundreds the students took to the streets of oakland to protest the election as well. students from more than a as do
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schools in the oakland district took part in the walk out including oakland tech. they marched from the fruitvale bart station to city hall. >> i believe, even though we do not have the right to vote, it's effecting us so we want our voices heard. we do not dpree with what trump believes in. >> this is our way of speaking out. we wanted every body to hear our side of the story. >> the students wrote a lit list of demands. in san francisco, mayored -- mayor ed lee said the city
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will remain a sanctuary city. >> reporter: donald trump said he plans to deport millions of criminals. but the fears of others has grown since the election. >> we have to come together and stand as one great city. >> reporter: the mayor reached out to those with anger and fear. >> our city has not been about that. we have been, always have been a city of refuge and a city of sang twar injury and -- sang ssh sanctuary and a city of love. >> what we are going to do is get the people that are criminals and have criminal records, gang memtion and drug dealers. we have a lot of these people. probably 2 million. we getting them out of the country or we are going to
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incarcerate them. >> reporter: trump said he will make a decision about the other imgrans, who he called terrific people, -- immigrants, who he called terrific people, after the border is secure. some say that trump's plan is no different than the policies under president obama. >> our message to the immigrant community is, be calm but informed. do not panic. >> right now everyone is in a wait and see mode. but the mayor said the city will stand as one and that there are no walls in san francisco. >> how does the city feel about
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immigrants that have committed crimes. >> there is a revision in the sanctuary city law saying, if you are a violent offender, we do not want you here, but if you are not, you are safe. people are sharing their feelings about a trump presidency on a wall of empathy at a local bart station. at the 16th street station and the 24th street station and montgomery station there are similar walls. >> a lot of people are experiencing grief and fear and anger and sadness. those are all valid feelings, knowing that others this your community are feeling that as well and that they are getting ready to fight for you and your future can be an important
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thing to know. >> there is still time to put up more notes but the notes have to come down later tonight. president elect donald trump has started the job of filling out his cabinet. rudy giuliani is the favorite for secretary of state. stephen bannon is the chief strategist. his company has been accused of trafficking in allly stereotypes of jews -- ugly stereotypes of jews and muslims. president obama weighed in. >> i do not think he is ideological. he is pragmatic. that can serve him well. >> reporter: speaking for the first time with reporters since president elect donald trump's
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win tuesday, president obama said he still has a lot to do. >> on january 21st, i want america to be in the strongest position possible and hopefully there is an opportunity for the next president to build on that. >> reporter: this as trump continues to build his administration. he made reince priebus his chief of staff and stephen bannon his chief of staff. >> i think that it's important for president elect donald trump to have those around him to be with him now. i am happy that he hired reince priebus. >> reporter: this as protests continue ashed the country. students are airing their
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frustration during school walk outs. people hope that he wants to be a president for all. >> he wants to do the things that he said. >> reporter: president obama is leaving today for his next foreign trip as commander in chief. he will go to gem any and greece -- germany and greece. nancy pelosi spoke about the appointment of stephen bannon, she said there must be no sugar coating, a white nationalist has been named the chief strategist. >> one issue that may not come up is the issue of marriage equality. >> do you support marriage
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equality. >> it's irrelevant, it was already settled. it's done. >> so if you appoint a judge that does not like it? >> it's done, the cases have been settled. i am fine with that. >> reporter: mr. trump also commented on abortion saying he is pro life and he said he will appoint supreme court justices that are pro life. the fbi said hate crimes spiked against muslims last year. that's the highest since the 9/11 terror attacks. they said that the trump ban on muslims likely played a role in the attacks. coming up, how city leaders in the east bay are preparing
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for the legalization of recreational marijuana. we are going to talk about a change in the bay area weather. >> up next, the latest in a search for a gunman that fired two shots at officers. >> there is only one conclusion action this individual was trying to kill a police officer. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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sphsm new information from san jose where the police are look for a gunman that shot at two
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officers lat night. a $10,000 reward is being offered. they said enough is enough. >> san jose is getting worse and worse. >> reporter: chris said it took him a few months to learn that san jose is no place for a family. at 7:30, two members of the gang task force came under attack. the officers approached several men. the group started to scatter and one suspect turned and pointed a hand gun. >> we have a absolute breakdown in society where a subject feels it's okay to point a firearm and try to kill a police officer. we are not going to stand for this any more. we are drawing a line in the
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sand. this is going to stop now. >> reporter: the officers were in the hit and did not return fire. there is an increase in gang activity in this neighborhood. this attempted shooting of two san jose police officers comes on the heels of a murder of a stanislas deputy this weekend. the gang unit will continue tonight to root out the people causing the problems. >> we will be back to continue to keep the neighborhood safe. >> reporter: that reassurance comes too late for chris, he and his family are moving in a couple of weekses. >> enough is enough. >> reporter: the suspect is a hispanic male in his 20s. 6 feet tall. he is clean shaven with slick backed here. if you have information call
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the san jose police department or call crime stoppers and remain anonymous. pg and e crews have capped a natural gas leak. a few blocks were shut down after a construction crew hit a 6-inch gas line. the crew hit the gas main at 10:45 this morning. the fire department evacuated homes and businesses. the same crew also ruptured a sewer line sending gas into the underground system. >> the party contractor struck a sewer line. the gas traveled into the sewer system, following standard safety practices. crews are lifting manhole covers. >> residence were allowed back
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home this afternoon but some customers are out natural gas service. police have arrested three juveniles arrested in a series of three home burglaries. they made a traffic stop and found three young men in the car. they were found with gloves, hooded jackets masks and tools that could be used to pry open locked doors. they have been contacted to three home pleaser in hillsborough. in fremont police are looking for people involved in a gun battle involving people growing pot plants. the home is on fremont boulevard near delaware. officers found a vehicle with a bullet hole in the window. the home was being used as a
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pot grow and two masked men broke in and confronted the people tending to the plants. the commercial crab season opens at midnight. we went to fisherman's wharf where there was a lot of excitement. >> reporter: the pos were stacked along the wharf today. most of the boats head out to drop their traps in the ocean. at midnight they can pick them up and head to shore with the catch of the day. >> we are getting the gear out. >> reporter: preliminary indications are this could be a good season. the sport fishing season opened last week. >> the crabs, i heard, are big and beautiful. >> reporter: in 2015, ocean
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temperatures rose eight to 10 degrees which led to massive algae blooms which contaminated the crabs. authorities closed the fishing season until march, that meant no local crabs for thanksgiving or christmas. >> it feels good to be in the mix of things. >> reporter: this year traces of chemicals have forced authorities to bar fishermen from some areas but there are plenty of areas that received a clean bill of health. >> this year we are going to have thanksgiving crab. it's like a religion in san francisco. everyone is calling. >> reporter: seafood restaurants are saying, out with the crabs from washington
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and in with the locals. >> people come by and buy crabs. it's disappointing what happened last career. >> reporter: people should expect to pay about seven to $9 a pound at the grocery stores this year. tracking some rain into the area, we had an usually warm weekend. there is rain neither of here and showers in this system moving in to the pacific northwest. the tail end of the system comes in tomorrow morning. there is no much back here. it brings us a chance of a sprinkle, especially in the north bay, we will see some drizzle by half moon bay. i do not expect a real rain event but there is a major
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shift in the weather patterns. october has been wet, november is dry, as we go into this next five days, things are changing. this is the forecast for san francisco. a slight chance of a sprinkle in the north pay, 54 -- bay, 54 degrees. san francisco partly sunny in the afternoon, same with san jose, berkeley and oakland. when i come back, i will show you the next event. it shows up thursday and friday, it could keep us in some rain and snow for a few days. we will talk about that in the five-day forecast. coming up, a california soldier killed in the line of duty. >> he was always there, when you needed him. we had deep talks about life. >> how he is being remembered
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by his family and friends. >> also, the 49ers came up just short yesterday, but they could catch a break next week. >> plus new information about a crash that killed a painter working inside of a south bay businesses. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. . the california highway patrol is investigating the death of a pedestrian in the east bay, the person, believed to be a transient was hit by
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several cars. it happened on the connector ramp to interstate 580. none of the drivers stopped so california highway patrol is asking anyone that thinks that they may have been involved in the accident to give them a call. the coroner has identified the construction worker who was killed on friday. he was killed when his suv crashed into a credit union office. another construction workers was also hurt. investigators said the driver of the s ushes v swerved -- suv swerved to avoid another car. a soldier from stockton was killed in afghanistan. he was killed by the blast at
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bagram air field. another soldier and two contractors were killed. the sergeant had earned a purple heart and bronze star. his neighbors are feeling the loss. >> he said he was going to be leaving in the next few minutes and could i please watch his house because his son had gotten killed. >> reporter: the associated press said the taliban has claimed responsibility for the explosion. the killer in the net fix serious, making a murderer is being released. bran-- brendan dassey's conviction was overturned
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because the judge agreed that his confession wa coerced. ktvu fox news is next with one east bay city discussing the future of marijuana, what legalization could mean for the community and for businesses. >> also, electric and hybrid cars making more noise to cause less accidents on the road. >> ktvu fox news at 6:30 is next >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break this is my park. i'm like the mayor here.
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...on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break news after the break . now to our top store stories -- stories we are learning that rudy giuliani is being considered for secretary of state. hundreds of students took to the streets to protest the election outcomes. students from a dozen schools took part in the walk out including oakland tech. they marched from the fate veil bart station to oakland city hall. a woman tells ktvu fox news that she was


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